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Monifa Jansen Instagram Bikini Model was born on the 3rd of March, 1993, in Willemstad, Curacao, and is a model, best known to the world for representing her country in the Miss World and Miss Universe beauty pageants.

Monifa Jansen of mixed ancestry, she has German, Dutch, Surinam, African, Portuguese and Indonesian roots. She grew up in her hometown on the Caribbean island, and spent her childhood years with her older sister.
She was involved in many activities outside of school, including ballet, basketball, cycling, swimming and other sports, and not only as a hobby, but also competed at events.

Monifa was mostly focused on track and field, and as a result earned recognition as the best sportswoman of the Dutch Caribbean on three occasions, while also apparently winning 300 medals during her amateur career, and 45 trophies.

Thanks to her involvement in so many sports, Monifa’s body developed an athletic shape, and she participated in the “Mister Hercules and Miss Most Beautiful Body Shape” competition, where she took home the ultimate title, of “Miss Most Beautiful Body Shape”.

Ms Jansen continued to participate in events and traveled the world, which only helped her learn various languages, including Spanish, English and Papiamentu, among others.

Following her ever-increasing presence at beauty events, in 2011 she competed in the national pageant for Miss Curaçao Universe and won the title.

By winning the pageant, Monifa got a shot at becoming Miss Universe for 2011, but unfortunately, she was denied participation in the event, as she was younger than the lower age limit required. Instead of her, Evalina van Putten took part in the global competition, but was unsuccessful.

Though she didn’t take part in the Miss Universe 2011 pageant, Mofina represented her country in the Miss World 2011 pageant, and ended up being 108th out of 113 participants.

The following year, Monifa actually got to represent her country in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant, however, she didn’t get further than the qualifying rounds.

Since then, she has tried herself as an actress, but except appearances in several short films, Monifa hasn’t yet had much success.

Regarding her personal life, little is known about Monifa’s life outside her professional career. However, it is known that she works with several philanthropic organizations, including Cliniclows Foundation, and looks to start her own organization, that will help underprivileged children.

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